Absolute Union of Democracy: Crusade or Suicide!

The Sleep of Death What ails this Nation?  Why this sluggishness, this lethargy, this slumber?  Why this muddle-headed paralysis and complacency? With stark murder hanging over us, this is downtright criminal.  It’s suicide. Across the world marches Fascism.  With devilish efficiency  it metes out brutality and slaughter. Its ruthless military machine is fodderede by fanatical… read more »

Adrian Williams: Reminiscences of George Walford and the Walsby Society 1976 to 1994

Harold Walsby circa 1973 I met George (GW) in 1976 when he gave a talk to another organisation, now defunct. I liked what he had to say and engaged him in private conversation at the end. When the meeting closed completely he took me away in a car to his shop in Upper Street, Islington,… read more »

Alan Bula: George Walford Memorial

I am delighted that you are publishing a memorial for George Walford. His unique Ideological Commentary is unforgettable and his efforts to continue Harold Walsby’s thinking deserves a follow-up, particularly as the freelance scholar has become almost an extinct species. Intellectual thinking is all but monopolised by institutions. SI: IGNORED, ALONE AND ILLUMINATING Until S.I.,… read more »

Alison Walford, Sharon Goodyear and Richenda Walford: George Walford Memorial

George had a happy secure childhood up to the age of ten. He said his mother was always there, good-tempered and understanding, while his father, a self-employed workaholic builder, put in brief appearances during which George learnt roller-skating, cycling and swimming; it was the foundation for a lifetime’s interest in individual sports. For several years… read more »

George Walford: Beyond Politics / An Outline of Systematic Ideology

London: Calabria Press 1990. 190 pages. ‘Ideology’ used to indicate something causing false consciousness in other parties while the speaker’s movement remained free of its baneful influence.  Now that is changing; politicians are beginning to speak of their own party as having an ideology.  Beyond Politics shows that this change has not yet gone far… read more »

George Walford: Appendices from Beyond Politics

Appendix A: Anarchism in Spain One apparent exception to the rule, that the nearer to anarchism a movement stands the smaller and weaker it tends to be, is provided by the strength of the anarchist movement in Spain prior to and during the Civil War. In discussing this I rely mainly on The Spanish Civil… read more »

George Walford: From Village to Empire

Some ten thousand years ago Expediency, and the communities relying upon it, began to go down before an ideology and a way of life formerly unknown. The new methods, even in their earlier stages, permitted the formation of units up to a thousand times bigger than the previous ones and the changes, taken together, constitute… read more »

George Walford: The Origins of Ideologies

Having looked very briefly at the major ideologies and some of their effects on the history and present functioning of society, we now turn to trace out their origins. In doing this we shall need two concepts which Walsby developed beyond their usual significance: assumption (which we have already met) and limitation. I have been… read more »

George Walford: From Politics to Ideology

We now have before us six movements (strictly, five movements and one group), each of them extending over most of the world although under various names and with adaptations to suit local conditions. In introducing them I have taken the opportunity of showing that they form a series, and we shall find greater significance in… read more »

George Walford: The World Political Series

The British parties do not appear in the rest of the world and verbal correspondences are usually misleading. The Bolsheviks originated as one wing of the Russian Social Democratic Party, but this does not make a British social democrat a Bolshevik (or a Menshevik either), and an American liberal is not the same as a… read more »