George Walford: Explaining the Explainers

It is sometimes suggested that people take the political positions they do because of their personalities. Thus Adorno and his colleagues have suggested that fascism is particularly linked with “the authoritarian personality” and Eysenck has suggested that adoption of this or that position is connected with one’s “tough-” or “tender-mindedness.” One way of testing an… read more »

George Walford International Essay Prize Rules

INTRODUCTION Rule Precedence The rules for the George Walford International Essay Prize (GWIEP) listed here replace any and all prior rules. These rules may be changed in the future: please consult the rules prior to submitting your essay. The Essay Prize In memory of the late George Walford, there is an annual essay competition. The… read more »

George Walford Memorial Notes and Quotes

I FIRST MET GEORGE in 1948 after being introduced to the group by Peter Shepherd and after several sessions with Harold Walsby. My situation was rather different from that of other newcomers in that year – there was a campaign directed against the SPGB, as the result of which several new members were recruited. By… read more » Copyright Notice

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Idan Solon: The Left-Right Distinction / Why Intellectuals Turn Left

Winner, 2011 George Walford International Essay Prize. Systematic Ideology (SI) is a study of ideologies founded in the 1930s by Harold Walsby and George Walford. These scholars were inspired by the progress of science since Galileo, but frustrated by a lack of corresponding progress in understanding what inclines a person toward a particular ideology—in “understanding… read more »

Janet Reilly: The Role of Responsibility in Determining Walford’s System of Ideology

Winner, 2000 George Walford International Essay Prize.   “The Holocaust finds a better explanation in unrestrained practice of the ideology of domination, driving forward to a chosen end whatever horrors it may bring, than in evil tendencies peculiar to the Nazis. Neither dictators personally nor their immediate supporters can do harm on any great scale… read more »

John Rowan: An Open Letter to Walsbians Everywhere

Last night I had a dream. I had discovered some people who had all the original papers from the beginning of Walsby’s work. And everything was there – all the ideas that Walsby came up with, all the ideas that Walford added, all the ideas about forming a group of people who would research the… read more »

John Rowan: Conduct at the Level of the Ideology of Ideologies

Principle 1: Just as in systematic ideology the lower levels remain, no matter how high the higher levels develop; just as in psychology the unconscious far outweighs the conscious, not matter how much the conscious develops; just as the lower centres of consciousness are composed of more cells than the higher centres, no matter how… read more »

John Rowan: Dialectical Thinking

Dialectics is a form of thought which goes back a long way. In the West, Heraclitus in Ancient Greece was aware of it, and in the East, there are a number of thinkers who practised it. The Tao-Te-Ching is a good example of dialectical writing. The first characteristic of dialectical thinking is that it places… read more »