Ideological Commentary

Adrian Williams: Disability, Psychology and Ideology

In the December 1981 issue of The Bulletin of the British Psychological Society, p.456, Merryl J. Cross, who describes herself as disabled and a psychologist, makes an attack on the orthodox approach used by psychologists in helping the disabled to adjust to their surroundings. The disabled are deemed to be well adjusted according to how… read more »

Adrian Williams: Ideology and Ecology

During over two years of activity in this country, the environmental movement has attracted support from minorities in all the major ideological groups. As usual each minority thinks its political programme best and the others are mistaken, and each minority seeks to convert firstly its own political group. This survey of attitudes is intended to… read more »

Adrian Williams: Metadynamic

(Minor Effort To Announce Dubious Yarns Neatly Allowing More Ideological Commentary) In IC25 (p3) appears a reference to a BBC job carrying the title Engineering Information and Electrical Installation Officer, giving the abbreviation EIEIO; a newspaper article is quoted as the source of information. That job title is inherently suspicious, for there is no obvious… read more »

Adrian Williams: Nested Levels

The major ideologies have been pictorially presented in a variety of ways; as a system of levels, a pyramid, a circle, a series of points on a graph, or as nodes on a line of development. Each presentation illuminates some features of the system. Here ADRIAN WILLIAMS introduces a novel conception, and one likely to… read more »

Adrian Williams: Of Anti-Freeze, Brake Fluid and Ideology, An Ideo-Commercial Speculation

In IC20, p.4, under the heading “Gernuetlichkeit” there is a brief reference to Austrian wines, diethylene glycol, mountains and anti-freeze. We have it on good (epistatic) authority – the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food – that Austrian wines have been adulterated with diethylene glycol, but what has this to do with antifreeze? Somewhere in… read more »

Adrian Williams: Rationality?

On March 11th 1984 the writer and philosopher Stephen Houseman gave a lecture to South Place Ethical Society (SPES) at Conway Hall. It was published, in two parts, in the Ethical Record (ER), monthly journal of SPES, in June and July 1984, under the title “Why Must Man be Rational?” Houseman spoke of two approaches… read more »

Adrian Williams: Reminiscences of George Walford and the Walsby Society 1976 to 1994

Harold Walsby circa 1973 I met George (GW) in 1976 when he gave a talk to another organisation, now defunct. I liked what he had to say and engaged him in private conversation at the end. When the meeting closed completely he took me away in a car to his shop in Upper Street, Islington,… read more »

Adrian Williams: The Economy of Cities

IC20 referred to Jane Jacobs and her book The Economy of Cities (mistakenly called “The Culture of Cities”). There appears to be no ideological analysis in the article. A suitable position for further comment in IC would be under the heading “If it ain’t bust, don’t fix it.” The report was a summary of Jacobs’… read more »

Adrian Williams: Two Reviews

Into the 21st Century, by Brian Burrows, Alan Mayne and Paul Newbury. Adamantine Press (1991) ISBN 0 7449 0031 x The book carries the subtitle A Handbook for a Sustainable Future, and the format is one of short sections with a reading-list and a section of topics for further investigation at the end of every… read more »

Ailsa Pain: Review of Beyond Politics

Review of Beyond Politics, an outline of systematic ideology. From PLAN, Journal of the Progressive League, November 1990, by Ailsa Pain. This is a readable and thought-provoking little book. While many people have come to somewhat differing conclusions as a result of their own studies and speculation, I am sure they will find interest and… read more »