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Absolute Union of Democracy: Crusade or Suicide!

The Sleep of Death What ails this Nation?  Why this sluggishness, this lethargy, this slumber?  Why this muddle-headed paralysis and complacency? With stark murder hanging over us, this is downtright criminal.  It’s suicide. Across the world marches Fascism.  With devilish efficiency  it metes out brutality and slaughter. Its ruthless military machine is fodderede by fanatical… read more »

Democratic Union: Unity and Tolerance

Unity and Tolerance DEMOCRATIC UNION IS a new movement, which all Democratic people can join. WORKS for Total Democracy: Political Democracy (freedom of speech) plus Economic Democracy (freedom from want). BELIEVES that as a nation we should stand on our own feet, and that the scientists can help us do it. BRITAIN TODAY is facing… read more »

George Orwell Letters to George Walford

Prior to writing 1984, George Orwell wrote these letters to George Walford. George Walford (1919 – 1994) was a student of systematic ideology. – Trevor Blake   CAN 3751 27 B Canonbury Square Islington London N1 30.6.45 Dear Mr. Walford, Many thanks for your letter of 26th June, and for the pamphlet “The Intellectual and… read more »

George Walford: Projection and its Consequences

In the course of his psycho-analytical investigation Freud laid bare many mechanisms, many processes going on in our minds, of which we normally refrain more or less unaware. In some cases the same – or very similar – processes are to be observed at work in the ideological realm, and of these one of the… read more »

George Walford: The Intellectual and the People

[“Dear Mr. Walford, Many thanks for your letter of 26th June, and for the pamphlet ‘The Intellectual and the People.’ I have read it with interest and would like to discuss it with you. I have been working along somewhat similar lines for many years, in an unsystematised way.” – George Orwell, 30 June 1945]… read more »

George Walford: The New Magic

Few of us have any better grounds for believing in germs than for believing in witches. – Professor Gordon Childe. IN the relationship between science and daily life two distinct and complementary tendencies can be observed. On the one hand the products of science are coming into an increasingly intimate relationship with our everyday activities…. read more »

George Woodcock: A Domain Still Unexplained

The study of ideologies, those constructions of mingled rational and emotional concepts, of social theory and demagogic appeal, by which political groups seek to persuade the ordinary man into accepting their doctrines, is in an extremely embryonic state, and so far there has been no adequate and systematic study of this subject.  Mr. Walsby’s little… read more »

Gilmac: The Domain of Sterilities

The Domain of Ideologies by Harold Walsby (1947, William Maclellan, Glasgow, 10s 6d) is a very disappointing book.  Purporting to be a new and a scientific explanation of the origin, development and structure of ideologies, it consists mainly of baseless statements, logical fallacies, and the rehash of outworn ideas; the whole of which is presented… read more »

H. H. Preece: Review of The Domain of Ideologies

In his The Domain of Ideologies, Harold Walsby asserts his subject has never been treated scientifically and there is a desperate need for this. His own “humble endeavour” is a step that way. One wonders what his idea of science is, for it seems strange that he should apologise for giving so much space to… read more »

Harold Walsby: Atoms and Ideology

The widespread publicity recently given to the atom, as a consequence of public interest in the epoch-making event of the employment of sub-atomic energy as a weapon of war, is naturally devoted only to the direct and more spectacular issues and aspects of the atom’s nature. There is, however, another aspect of the subject –… read more »