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Angles on Anarchism 2017 edition front coverAngles on Anarchism by George Walford
168 pages, 8vo, paperback ISBN 978-1944651107
Original edition 1991, new edition 2017

Anarchists pride themselves on disagreeing with each other but most of them hold some ideas in common, for example that anarchism stands for freedom, has a special connection with the poor, and became a large movement in Spain; that it stands apart from all other movements; that it advocates a natural condition. And of course anarchists don’t vote or form a party. The following pages challenge every one of these beliefs. Before throwing the book away, ask yourself: Has anarchism been doing all that well? Should anarchists be satisfied to carry on as they are? Some of the worst things in history have taken place while the anarchist movement has been at work: the Somme, Auschwitz, Hiroshima, man-made famines and attempted genocide. New introduction by Trevor Blake, comprehensive reviews and criticisms, original index.