George Hay

George Hay: The Ideology of an Explosion

If we consider the ideologies studies in s.i., in terms of what they are actually doing, we can look at them also in ways which will enable us to give them action definitions, which relate them dynamically, and will perhaps help us more easily to predict their results. Thus, let us start with the protostatic,… read more »

George Walford: Names for the Major Ideologies

Nobody claims that the present “standard” series of names for the major ideologies – “protostatic” to “metadynamic” is ideal. It is not even sufficient. One feature of each ideologies a particular view of the ideological series, and this means we need at least six more sets of terms for the major ideologies, each set defining… read more »

Plugging the Gap: a Review of George Walford’s Beyond Politics by George Hay

This review first appeared in Science & Public Policy Volume 17 Number 5, October 1990. Systematic ideology has been defined as “the ideology of ideology.” That this definition was provided, not by George Walford, but by an early reader of his book, Thelma Shinn, of the State University of Arizona, supports Mr. Walford’s contention that… read more »