Adrian Williams: Disability, Psychology and Ideology

In the December 1981 issue of The Bulletin of the British Psychological Society, p.456, Merryl J. Cross, who describes herself as disabled and a psychologist, makes an attack on the orthodox approach used by psychologists in helping the disabled to adjust to their surroundings. The disabled are deemed to be well adjusted according to how… read more »

Adrian Williams: Two Reviews

Into the 21st Century, by Brian Burrows, Alan Mayne and Paul Newbury. Adamantine Press (1991) ISBN 0 7449 0031 x The book carries the subtitle A Handbook for a Sustainable Future, and the format is one of short sections with a reading-list and a section of topics for further investigation at the end of every… read more »

Diana Keller: Ideology in Israeli Education

In January 1992 Diana Keller submitted to the Senate of the Hebrew University of Education a Ph.D. thesis entitled: State Education and State Religious Education: Two Ideological Frameworks.  It used some of the concepts and approaches of systematic ideology. The submission was successful and with Dr. Keller’s permission we present a shortened version of the… read more »

Diana Silberman-Keller: Systematic Ideology, a New Hegelian or Functionalist Critique of Ideologies?

Introduction This paper introduces Systematic Ideology (SI) as a theoretical approach to ideology critique. The theory was initially developed by Harold Walsby (1947), who worked in a line of descent from F.S. Johnson, Francis Sedlak, the English Hegelians and Karl Marx to Hegel. George Walford (1979, 1990) further enlarged Walsby’s approach and Zvi Lamm (2002)… read more »

George Hay: The Ideology of an Explosion

If we consider the ideologies studies in s.i., in terms of what they are actually doing, we can look at them also in ways which will enable us to give them action definitions, which relate them dynamically, and will perhaps help us more easily to predict their results. Thus, let us start with the protostatic,… read more »

George Walford: A Review and a Reply

This review, by Colin Mills, appeared in the ETHICAL RECORD, journal of the South Place Ethical Society, for March 1987. It is followed here by a reply which appeared in ER for April, both reprinted with the generous permission of the Editor of ER. – GW An Outline Sketch of Systematic Ideology by George W…. read more »

George Walford: Editorial (61)

When accumulated profits from IC reach a sufficient total your Editor sometimes indulges in a Bounty Bar – coconut inside chocolate. Some time ago these turned up in a new style of wrapper lettered, as boldly as its dimensions permitted: NEW PRICE! NEW SIZE! These claims were fully justified; they had increased the price and… read more »

George Walford: Editorial Notes

TENDER IS THE… A new treatment for pain in the lower back entails an injection of meat tenderiser into the affected area. If we had been treated like that we’d keep a wary eye out for anyone coming near with a carving knife – or a knife and fork, for that matter. SUPPORT FOR JARGON… read more »

George Walford: Freenetwork

Andre Spies, of Belgium, sent us a package “Introducing the Freenetwork.” It started off: The Freenetwork is being organized as a world-wide means for Freepersons to establish contact with one another, so they can develop effective ways (including enjoyable and profitable ways) of promoting individual freedom. The motto of the Freenetwork is: FREEDOM IN ACTION…. read more »

George Walford: Friedman or Free Men?

Whether there are any free men or free women may be debatable, but there are certainly two Friedman. David the son wrote “The Machinery of Freedom” and Milton the father wrote (among other works) Capitalism and Freedom (Phoenix Books, University of Chicago Press, 1963). Milton Friedman’s theories have been said to be the inspiration for… read more »