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Lan Freed: A Sociologist at Large

Early in this work [The Domain of Ideologies] Mr. Walsby advances the very interesting proposition that Left-Wing political opinions are in general held not by the most oppressed, but by the most intellectual members of any society, and he tries through subsequent chapters, full of quotations from eminent psychologists, politicians, physicists and philosophers, to show… read more »

George Woodcock: A Domain Still Unexplained

The study of ideologies, those constructions of mingled rational and emotional concepts, of social theory and demagogic appeal, by which political groups seek to persuade the ordinary man into accepting their doctrines, is in an extremely embryonic state, and so far there has been no adequate and systematic study of this subject.  Mr. Walsby’s little… read more »

Richard Tatham: Review of The Domain of Ideologies

The publication of Harold Walsby’s Domain of Ideologies raises certain acute and complex problems for those interested in the scientific discoveries set forth.  One’s first impulse is to describe it as one of the most significant contributions to the thought of our time.  In a number of ways it bears the stamp of genius, and… read more »

Morris Richards: Post-Mortem on Fascism

One thing is certain: the phenomenon represented by Hitler is not a mischance which, once overcome, will not return in some other form. It is a consequence of mistakes which humanity has made, and if they are made again there will come a new edition of Hitlerism or Fascism, involving the same perils and the… read more »

George Walford: The Intellectual and the People

[“Dear Mr. Walford, Many thanks for your letter of 26th June, and for the pamphlet ‘The Intellectual and the People.’ I have read it with interest and would like to discuss it with you. I have been working along somewhat similar lines for many years, in an unsystematised way.” – George Orwell, 30 June 1945]… read more »

Absolute Union of Democracy: Crusade or Suicide!

The Sleep of Death What ails this Nation?  Why this sluggishness, this lethargy, this slumber?  Why this muddle-headed paralysis and complacency? With stark murder hanging over us, this is downtright criminal.  It’s suicide. Across the world marches Fascism.  With devilish efficiency  it metes out brutality and slaughter. Its ruthless military machine is fodderede by fanatical… read more »

Harold Walsby: Atoms and Ideology

The widespread publicity recently given to the atom, as a consequence of public interest in the epoch-making event of the employment of sub-atomic energy as a weapon of war, is naturally devoted only to the direct and more spectacular issues and aspects of the atom’s nature. There is, however, another aspect of the subject –… read more »

Harold Walsby: Letter to Seton Pollock

Peter Shepherd, in a 1998 letter to Trevor Blake, describes this as “a letter from Harold Walsby to an Ipsden friend or aquaintance – not an Ipsden resident, as far as I know, but presumably a frequent participant in Braziers Park weekends.” Perhaps Seton Pollock the mathematician? My dear Seton, Many thanks for your most… read more »

The Social Science Association Introduces Democratic Union

The Social Science Association Introduces Democratic Union Scientific ideology All-Party conception Political democracy Economic democracy Anti-fascism MASS PSYCHOLOGY The new scientific field WHEN the second world war broke out, it was the signal in the intellectual world for a tremendous rebirth of activity. There poured forth books and pamphlets on the world situation; social problems… read more »

Social Science Association: Science and Social Problems

SCIENCE AND SOCIAL PROBLEMS … a new stop in knowledge … ISSUED BY THE SOCIAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATION The Main Problem The growing permeation by science of our everyday lives provides a subject for considerable comment and speculation. Whether it be welcomed or decried, whether its constructive or destructive results be stressed, it none the less… read more »