The Prize

The George Walford International Essay Prize (GWIEP) is an annual essay competition in memory of the late George Walford. The subject of the essay is systematic ideology and the prize is £3,500 for the winner to spend at the college and on the course of his or her choice. Everything you need to apply for, research and win this prize can be found at no cost at this site. GWIEP is registered with The Charity Commission for England and Wales, number 1071002.

Click Here to Read The Rules but don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

GWIEP is an ongoing concern. Yes, we are accepting essays. Those years without an award winner did not yield any qualifying entries.  We do not reveal how many people submit essays, but it is not a large number.

2021: From Village to Empire / 4X Games and Systematic Ideology by Alice Noel.
2020: No qualifying entries for 2020.
2019: Systematic Ideology in India by Michael Rayner.
2018: Using the 5 Categories Which Compose Political Ideology in Tandem with Close Linguistic Analysis / Creating a Evidenced-Based Linguistic Framework For Exploring Political Stance by Frazier Heritage.
2017: No qualifying entries for 2017.
2016: Reconceptualising (systematic) Ideology in the Wake of Political Psychology by Joshua Feldman.
2015: Systematic Ideology and Identity / The Triangle of Society, Ideology and the Individual by Linda Sloane.
2014: Systematic Ideology and Science Fiction by Robert M. D. Minto.
2013: The Systematic Supernatural / Systematic Ideology as a Framework for the Origin, Function, and Alteration of Religion by Mary Cole.
2012: Theory of Systematic Ideology and Its Interaction with Social Media in Historical Perspective by Katharine Frederick.
2011: The Left-Right Distinction / Why Intellectuals Turn Left by Idan Salon.
2010: Systematic Ideology and Diversity within Art Theory by Rachel Koopmans.
2009: Chiropracting Systematic Ideology by Will Penman, USA.
2008: The Theory of Judicial Independence in the Context of Systematic Ideology: Precision or Domination? by Katherine Lim, UK.
2007: No qualifying entries for 2007.
2006: No qualifying entries for 2006.
2005: We Gotta Do Something, Even If It’s Wrong: Explanation Meets Experimentation in Systematic Ideology & Designing Society by Andrew Trull, USA.
2004: The Concept of a Free Press in an Eidostatic Society by Justine Doody, Ireland.
2003: The Application of Systematic Ideology in a Rapidly Converging Global World by Yomade Apata, Nigeria.
2002: No qualifying entries for 2002.
2001: No qualifying entries for 2001.
2000: The Role of Responsibility in Determining Walford’s System of Ideology by Janet Reilly, USA.