Trevor Blake

George Walford: Global Warming

The suspicion that average temperatures over the planet may be rising, or set to rise in future, with disastrous consequences to follow, has become an ideological battleground. On the one hand the eidodynamics, emphasising the danger and calling for restraints to avoid or at least minimise it. On the other, the eidostatics, professing the best… read more »

George Walford: Editorial (58)

MEET S.I., on the inside front cover, undergoes constant revision; it now incorporates two changes made at the suggestion of Trevor Blake, a new reader. From the account of the revolution ideology the clause: ‘Attempts to impose Marxist communism but fails for lack of support’ has been deleted, not for any unsoundness but because it… read more »

Trevor Blake: Fire Over Europe

On 1 October 1942, the Absolute Union of Democracy held a public meeting titled Fire Over Europe.    It could be these two undated photographs give a flavor of what Fire Over Europe might have looked like. The Absolute Union of Democracy published books and handbills including Crusade or Suicide!, Unity and Tolerance and Total… read more »

Trevor Blake: timeline

The George Walford International Essay Prize (offering £3,500 each year for the winner to spend at the college and on the course of the winner’s choice) has been online since the early 1990s.  Here are some memos and milestones made along the way. July 2019: Contact page updated to reflect the passing of John Rowan… read more »

Index to The Domain of Ideologies by Harold Walsby

(Index not found in original, prepared by Trevor Blake) Baldwin, Earl Banks, Sir R. M Brady, Robert A Brogan, Colm Brumwell, J. R. M Cecil, Lord Hugh Chakotin, Serge Chamberlain, William Henry Drennan, James Eddington, Sir Arthur Engles, Friedrich Ferenczi, Sandor Freud, Sigmund Gangulee, Nagendranath Goebbles, Joseph Hegel, Georg Heiden, Konrad Hitler, Adolph Jung, Carl… read more »

Bibliography to The Domain of Ideologies by Harold Walsby

(Bibliography not found in original, prepared by Trevor Blake) Books The Concise Oxford Dictionary (Oxford University, 1944) Enciclopedia Italiana 14th Edition (Hogarth Press, 1932) Whitaker’s Almanack (1945) Bacon, Francis: Instauratio Magna (1620) Baldwin, Earl: On England (Philip Allan, 1926) Banks, Sir R. M.: The Conservative Outlook (Chapman and Hall, 1929) Brady, Robert A.: The Spirit… read more »

George Walford International Essay Prize Rules

INTRODUCTION Rule Precedence The rules for the George Walford International Essay Prize (GWIEP) listed here replace any and all prior rules. These rules may be changed in the future: please consult the rules prior to submitting your essay. The Essay Prize In memory of the late George Walford, there is an annual essay competition. The… read more »