Ideological Commentary

Ideological Commentary 54 by George Walford

Ideological Commentary was published by George Walford between 1979 and 1994, and was devoted to the study of systematic ideology. It was published in London, England and was ISSN 10960-8761. It was the third such effort, preceded by the Social Science Association (circa 1940 – 1953) and the Walsby Society (1953 – 1979) and followed by (1994 – present). The following papers are in the collection of works relating to systematic ideology. All articles by George Walford unless otherwise noted.  They are available for study by those applying for the George Walford International Essay Prize, offering £3,500 each year for the winner to spend at the college and on the course of the winner’s choice.

No Date
AAWS Papers. [London:] Ideological Commentary, nd.  One page. Books and pamphlets relating to systematic ideology in the collection of Adrian Williams.

Appendix A. [London:] Ideological Commentary, nd.  Manuscript, one page. “Walsby ideological nomenclatures.”

Thoughts of a Reluctant Bookseller. [George Walford]. Manuscript, five pages.

Untitled. [London:] Ideological Commentary, nd.  One page. Pencil sketch of the ideological series.

The US-Japanese Alliance.
Five page transcript from Henry Kissinger’s 1979 book The White House Years. Transcribed by Peter Shepherd.

Ideology Before Walsby, Some Notes on Karl Mannheim’s Work on Ideology. Peter Hunot.  March 1979.  Prepared in connection with the course on Fundamentals of Ideological Division, an Introduction to the Domain of Ideologies by Peter Shepherd at City University.

Ideologies & Their Function. George Walford.
(1) Order form, two pages. (2) Book.

Ideological Commentary. Number 1, October 1979. 16 pages.
The Anarchist Police Force |  Sheila Blanchard: Review of Ideologies and Their Function from Clarity Vol. 11 #4 | Addition to News and Notes.

Circular. Peter Shepherd.
Circular, two pages, 9 October 1979.

Ideological Commentary. Number 2, November 1979. 8 pages.
A New Departure | Education Determines Ideology | Define Your Definitions.

Ideological Commentary. Number 3, December 1979. 12 pages.
On Liberty, Despotism and Suppression | Latest News From the Class Struggle Front | Introducing Ideology | Abert Meltzer: Reply to the Article Entitled “The Anarchist Police Force” | Reply to the Reply | Explaining the Explainers | Teacup Ideology.

International Political Science Review / Revue international de science politique.
Volume 1 Number 3, 1980.
Pages 405-424 include Change and Stability in the Ideology of Scottish Nationalism by B. A. Farbey, C. R. Mitchell and K. Webb, which cites The Domain of Ideologies by Harold Walsby.

Socialist Understanding. 1980. 16 pages.
“A study of the thinking of the Socialist Party of Great Britain.”

The Annual Harold Walsby Memorial Lecture for 1980. George Walford. London, 1980. Circular, 1 page.
A request for Peter Shepherd to deliver a lecture on systematic ideology, signed by George Walford, Ike Benjamin, Geoff Clark, R. Eggleston, Nat Nesbit, J. Pizer, and Charles Sprague.

Ideological Commentary. Number 4, January 1980. 12 pages.
A Bit of Gossip | Do It Your Damn Self | The Problem of Solutions | Sir Isaac’s Apple.

Ideological Commentary. Number 5, February 1980. 16 pages.
Evolution and Ideology by John Woodcock | T.E.A.C.H. by George Hay | Provocation | Rethinking Revolution | Provocation | Politics and Personalities | Cerne Giant.

Ideological Commentary. Number 6, March 1980. 12 pages.
Names For the Major Ideologies by George Hay | Ideology and Ecology by Adrian Williams | Ideology Beyond Evolution | Review of Ideologies and Their Function from Reconciliation Quarterly | Ediodynamic Conflicts | Ideological Uncertainty Principle Query | Provocation.

Circular. George Walford. Circular, 14 March 1980, 1 page.
“Incidentally, PSI was (not wound up but) put into abeyance in the Autumn of 1979. Whether it is ever reactivated depends largely upon what happens with the Walsby Society.”

Circular. George Walford. Circular, 19 March 1980, 2 pages.
“We need opposition, and since nobody else is interested enough to provide it we have to do it ourselves. We shall conflict anyway: to identify with agreement or consensus, to regard these as good and conflict, disagreement, opposition as bad, is only to make conflict painful. It might be that we should, from time to time, find ourselves in agreement; it might even be that we should sometimes choose to overlook our disagreements for the sake of common action. If so, it probably wouldn’t do much harm.”

Ideological Commentary. Number 7, April 1980. 26 pages.
Work In Progress: the SPGB (Part One) | The Ideology of an Explosion by George Hay.

Circular. Peter Shepherd. Circular, 12 April 1980, 5 pages.

Ideological Commentary. Number 8, November 1980. 16 pages.
Hegel On the Familiar | Controlled Freedom | Some Notes On the Ideology of Religion | Noting the Negative | That Silly Rosa | How Exact Is Eysenck? | Military Ideology | Segal on Trotsky | Looking Back to the Future | Vesteyed Interests | Just Issued.

Paradoxes and Contradictions of the Metadynamic Level. John Rowan. Manuscript, December 1980, 2 pages.

Understanding Misunderstanding Socialist Understanding
. George Walford. London, February 1981.
“A reply to Islington Branch of the Socialist Party of Great Britain.” (1) Book, six pages (2) Manuscript, eleven pages.

Ideological Commentary. Number 9, February 1981. 26 pages.
Who Are “The Working Class?” | Arguments For (And Against) Socialism | Where Do We Go From Here? | On Getting Oneself Straightened Out | Fifty Million Lemmings Can’t Be Wrong.

The Civil War in Islington. George Walford. London, May 1981. 6 pages.
“This paper is part of a debate which began in 1980 when I circulated, to members of the SPGB and others, a pamphlet entitled Socialist Understanding [...].”

The SPGB Defeated. George Walford. London, June 1981. 3 pages.

An Addition to Harold Walsby’s History of the Dialectic. George Walford. London, August 1981. 9 pages.

The Dialectic of Demand. George Walford. London, December 1981. 7 pages.

Ideological Commentary
. Number 10, January 1982. 16 pages.
Did Walsby Get This Bit Wrong? | The Price of Precision | Bits and Pieces | Teachers to the Barricades | Bits and Pieces | Judging the Judges | Work and Leisure.

Ideological Commentary. Number 11, March 1982. 20 pages.
Disability, Psychology and Ideology by Adrian Williams | War and Peace | Maintaining the Differentials | Dragooned Dragoons | The Abstractions of Economics | Aristotle Again | Demystifying Mysticism | Power Belongs to the People | The Intelligence of the Anti-Intellectuals | Language Yes, But Truth? and Logic? | Creative Ideology.

Exploring Ideology.
4 pages.
Summary of systematic ideology, advertisement for Beyond Politics, Angles on Anarchism and Ideological Commentary (“now in its 14th year”).

The Sad Case of the SPGB. George Walford and Ike Benjamin. London, January 1983. 7 pages.

Ideology as Self-Determined: The Work of Harold Walsby. September 1983. 6 pages.
“A paper delivered to the Second International Conference on Ideology, Bureaucracy and Human Survival, New York, September 1983.”

Science and Public Policy. October 1983. Periodical, pages 244-250 only.
Includes “Beyond Ecology: A Study in Systematic Ideology” by George Walford.

Science and Public Policy
. February 1984. Periodical, pages 40-46 only. Includes “Ideologies in a Hierarchical Order: A Neglected Theory” by Professor Zvi Lamm, MA, PhD.

A Challenge to the Socialist Party of Great Britain. May 1984. Book, 16 pages.
ISBN 0-9505445-3-1. “For nearly six months I have been trying to get the Socialist Party of Great Britain to meet me in debate.”

Ideological Commentary. Number 12, August 1984. 16 pages.
The Future of ICUp With Prejudice | Systematic Ideology | Local Boy Makes Good | Age and Ideology | Up With Ignorance | On Control | Is Rationalism Rational? | Latest News From the Communist Front | Do You Sincerely Want to Be Poor? | Oedipus, Come Home | Up With Censorship | Reform the Reformers | The Ik | Into the Wild Blue Yonder | How to Get Rid of Capitalism | The Ideology of Logic.

Ideological Commentary. Number 13, September 1984. 23 pages.
Editorial Notes | Letter to an Enquirer | Needs Under Dictatorship | Why Marxism? | The Workers Own Nothing | Arms and the Socialist Party | Exploitation | Who Were the First Socialists? | Nationalism and the Socialist Party | Letter From E. Hardy.

Ideological Commentary. Number 14, October 1984. 36 pages.
Editorial Notes | Ideologies In A Hierarchal Order by Zvi Lamm | The Anarchist Police Force | The Capitalistic Anarchists | The Anarcho-Socialists | Tops and Bottoms | Bottoms and Tops | The More It Changes.

Ideological Commentary. Number 15, December 1984. 22 pages.
Editorial Notes | The Enduring Base | Full Circle | The End of Work | Freedom of the Market | The Quality of Life | Letter From E. Hardy | Letter From Steve Coleman.

The Future of the Nation State
. George Walford. Manuscript, 46 pages. No date, latest bibliographical reference 1985.
“Provisional draft, not published.” Introduction, The Expedient Society, The Society of Domination, The Empires, The Nation State, Ideology, Summary and Conclusions, Notes, Selected Bibliography.

Ideological Commentary. Number 16, January 1985. 18 pages.
New Readers Start Here | Editorial Notes | The Edges of Reality | The Enduring Base (2) | In Religion Also | Pick Your Government | Political Gravitation | What Shall We Call It? | Wu Li – Who He? | Understanding “Socialist Understanding” | The Effects of Nothing | Party Democracy | Human Needs | “Socialism”.

Ideological Commentary. Number 17, March 1985. 14 pages.
New Readers Start Here | Editorial Notes | The End of Work (3) | The Enduring Base (3) | Beyond the Beyond | New Ideas | Egos and Their Own | A Ballade of the SPGB by Harold Walsby | Socialism and “Socialism” | An Unaccepted Invitation.

Ideological Commentary. Number 18, June 1985. 13 pages.
New Readers Start Here | Editorial Notes | Talking About Talking About Talking | Rationality? by Adrian Williams | The End of Work (4) | Read Any Good Adverts Lately? | The Democracy of Language | Unintended Coincidence | Freedom From Freedom | Government Of? By? For? | How to End Mass Starvation | The Humour Of It | In Favour of Anarcho-Socialism | Is It A Working-Class Party?  We Make Progress.

Ideological Commentary. Number 19, July 1985. 19 pages.
New Readers Start Here | Freenetwork | The Gentle Killers | Heroes and Devils | Ideology In Education by Zvi Lamm | Dialectical Psychology by Adrian Williams | Similarities | Freud and Hegel | The End of Work (6) | Letter to the Socialist Standard | The Unteachables | Interested In Being Alive?

Ideological Commentary. Number 20, September 1985. 19 pages.
New Readers Start Here | Editorial Notes | The End of Work (7) | The Enduring Base (4) | Don’t Talk When I’m Interrupting | Friedman or Free Men? | The New Janolatry | Shenfan | Parties, Politics and Proportions | Work In Progress | The Exploited Rulers | Letter to the Socialist Standard (2) | Hard Luck.

Ideological Commentary. Number 21, November 1985. 17 pages.
New Readers Start Here | Editorial Notes | The Enduring Base (5) | The End of Work (8) | Accounting For Marxism | If It Ain’t Bust | Movements and Members | Precision In Thought | They Didn’t Otter | Success At Last.

IC Versus SP
. 1986. 22 pages.
“A written debate between George Walford and the Socialist Party of Great Britain.”

Ideological Commentary. Number 22, January 1986. 17 pages.
New Readers Start Here | Editorial Notes | Of Apples and Oranges | Academic Ideology | The End of Work (9): the Dying Dictionary by Austin Meredith | If It Ain’t Bust (2) | Splits and Trots | The Wages of Ideology | We Are Not Alone | Grub and Ethics | Bound to Be Free | On Economic Freedom | Rubbish | Anarchy and an Archy | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party of Great Britain.

English Today. April 1986. “The international review of the English language.” Periodical, photocopy of cover and page 40 only.
Includes “Power to the People!” by George Walford.

Ideological Commentary. Number 23, July 1986. 18 pages.
New Readers Start Here | Editorial Notes | Of Anti-Freeze, Brake Fluid and Ideology, An Ideo-Commercial Speculation by Adrian Williams | Advancing | Buddhism | Fulfilling the Order | The End of Work (9) | A Prayer of the Suburbs | Yesterday’s Solutions are Today’s Problems | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party of Great Britain.

Counseling Research: An Ideological Study. John Rowan and George Walford. 11 pages.
“A paper delivered to the 4th Annual Conference of the Consoling Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society, Regent’s College, London, 18-19 September 1986.”

Ideological Commentary. Number 24, November 1986. 20 pages. “Special Christmas Issue.”
New Readers Start Here | Editorial Notes | The Christmas Story by Harold Walsby | Counseling Research: an Ideological Study by John Rowan and George Walford | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party of Great Britain | Letter From George Hay | The Anarchist Rulers | Cuba – Libre?

Ideological Commentary
. Number 25, January 1987. 15 pages.
New Readers Start Here | Editorial Notes | Correction With Apologies | Wrong and Right | Reader Wanted | Materialism | The Technique of Suppression | Occam Grows A Beard | The Economy of Cities by Adrian Williams | Mathematics and Imagination by Ellis Hillman | Electronic Publishing by Austin Meredith | Superficially Interesting by Shane Roberts | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party of Great Britain.

Ideological Commentary. Number 26, March 1987. 23 pages.
New Readers Start Here | Editorial Notes | Ethics of Outer Space by George Hay | Bombs and Banners | Ideology of a Psychologist | Equality of Ideology | Logic of Religion | On Picking Pockets in a Respectable Way | The (Socio-) Anarchists | Universal Knowledge | Politics by the River’s Brim | Quakers, Anarchy, Slaughter by Austin Meredith | Still Hoping | Principle Number One | Letter by Shane Roberts.

Ideological Commentary. Number 27, May 1987. 19 pages.
New Readers Start Here | Editorial Notes | Oppression Is Sometimes Complicated | The Meaning of Freedom | Ideologic | What Is the Answer? by Harold Walsby | The Chronology of Ideology | The Probable Future of Anarchism | Letter to an Anarchist | “Atheistic” Russia | Through the Looking Glass by Ellis Hillman | From Minority to Majority (or Not) | West London Branch | Back to Russia | Class War | On Cutting a Throat to Cure a Headache.

Ideological Commentary. Number 28, July 1987. 17 pages.
New Readers Start Here (Revision of June 1987) | Editorial Notes | Announcements | The End of Work (10) | A Word of History by Ellis Hillman | Either Black Or White by Harold Walsby | Ideological Symbols | From Psychology to Society | A Correction | England, Land of the Free | The Steady State | Katherine Whitehorn Again | Notes On the Ideology of Economics | Ideology In Science | Wages, Price, Profits and Prospects.

Ideological Commentary. Number 29, November 1987. 17 pages.
New Readers Start Here (Revision of June 1987) | Editorial Notes | Walsby Answers Walsby by Harold Walsby | The End of Work (11) | Cultivating the Cults | In the Aftermath of an Election | Controlling the Market | We Have Ways of Making You Equal | A Review and a Reply | Unexpected Support | Labour Agrees With Us | The Meaning of Freedom (Continued) | Stability | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party of Great Britain.

Ideological Commentary. Number 30, November 1987. 17 pages.
New Readers Start Here  (Revision of June 1987) | Editorial Notes | Dogmatic Nonsense by Harold Walsby | Australian Aborigines, Captain Cook | Homo? Homa? Homess? | Metadynamic by Adrian Williams | How We Voted | GenocideDiscussion with a Marxist | The Natural and the Nasty | The Homeostat | With Or Without the “R”? | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party.

Ideological Commentary
. Number 31, January 1988. 20 pages.
New Readers Start Here (Revision of June 1987) | Editorial Notes (Ethos & Eidos) | Althusser Times Four | Colour Systems & Social Systems by Harold Walsby | The Hidden Hand Revealed | The Reforms Go ‘Round and Around | The Homeostat (II) | Repudiating the Repudiators | Letter by Austin Meredith | Reply to Austin Meredith | Letter by Chris Anthony | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party of Great Britain.

Ideological Commentary. Number 32, March 1988. 20 pages.
New Readers Start Here (Revision of June 1987) | Editorial Notes | ‘Purist’ Socialists Are Inverted Tories by Harold Walsby | Canon to Left of Them… | Charity Perpetuates Poverty | Working-Class Poverty | Milner On Walsby | The Stage Before Religion | Letter to the Editor by George Hay | The End of Work (12) | Information Wanted | Karl Kautsky by Ellis Hillman | How Much Is New? | Yehudi | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party of Great Britain.

Ideological Commentary. Number 33, May 1988. 19 pages.
New Readers Start Here (Revision of June 1987) | Editorial Notes | The Ideological Structure of Revolutions | Letter to the Editor by Austin Meredith | Green | Supporters | True Marxism | Drugs | Leading the Leader | Socialism – ‘Pure’ and Scientific by Harold Walsby | Shakespeare Too | Progress of Reason | Togetherness | Divisiveness by Elizabeth Hope | War Or Peace? | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party of Great Britain With Letters From Frank Tutnauer and Steve Coleman.

Ideological Commentary. Number 34, July 1988. 20 pages.
New Readers Start Here (Revision of June 1987) | Editorial Notes | What Makes the Socialist Party Tick? by Harold Walsby | To Start You Thinking (Review) | A Letter From Moscow | The Political Series | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party.

Ideological Commentary. Number 35, September 1988. 20 pages.
Editorial Notes | Letter by Martin Marsh | The General Individual | From Kinship to Kingship | Alive Or Equal? | Of Apples and Arithmetic | In Defence of Reason by Nicholas Walter | Notes For Correspondents | Anarcho-Capitalism: For Libery and Value by J. C. Lester and David Mcgonagh | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party.

Ideological Commentary. Number 36, November 1988. 20 pages.
New Readers Start Here (Revision of June 1987) | Editorial Notes | Revolt and the Masses by Harold Walsby | Us and Them | The Competitive Co-Operators | Yes, We Did Mean It | Invisible Women | Letter to the Editor by Graham Knight | [The Enduring Base] | Notes For Critics | Would Equality Help? | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party | Invitation to Subscribe.

Untitled. George Walford. Manuscript, one page. A list of appearances in the Socialist Standard by Harold Walsby, R. Lee, Peter Rollings and others associated with the Social Science Association between 1950 and 1952. Mentions when and if these articles appear in Ideological Commentary.

Ideological Commentary
. Number 37, September 1989. 18 pages.
Systematic Ideology | Editorial Notes | Scientific Religion | The Noble Savages | Man’s Role In Social Change by Harold Walsby | Two Suits = 1 Bike | Ideology In Everyday Life | Chile Con Splinters | Science Faction? | Engels Said It | In Pursuit of Precision | Odd Notes | First, Second, Third… | Subscriptions.

Ideological Commentary. Number 38, March 1989. 15 pages.
New Readers Start Here (Revision of March 1989) | Editorial Notes | Ideology, “German” to Systematic | Extract from a Letter | The Blue and the Green | Reason For Revolution | Escape to Reality by Harold Walsby | Now, But Then Too | Leviathan | Various Small Items | Volume One, Number One | Genes Against Generosity | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party.

Ideological Commentary. Number 39, May 1989. 19 pages.
Introducing Ideological Commentary (Revision of May 1989) | Editorial Notes | The “Great Man” Theory by Harold Walsby | Any Publicity… | Are Intellectuals Intelligent? by G. Gook | From Politics to Ideology | The Source of Anarchism | Which Freedom? | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party.

Ideological Commentary. Number 40, July 1989. 18 pages.
Introducing IC (Revision of May 1989) | Editorial Notes | Wildcat Strikes Again | Ideology Beyond Politics | Steam Engine Time | The Way to Say It | Letters to the Editor from Jim Addison and Erik Grigg | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party.

Ideological Commentary. Number 41, September 1989. 16 pages.
Introducing IC (Revision of May 1989) | Editorial Notes | When Did It Start? | Backs to Work | The Good Old Days | Holistic Ideology | Doing the Splits | Is Cheaper Better? | Mount Everest | Troubleshooting Flowchart | The Polar Nitby | -Alism and -Ty | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party.

Ideological Commentary. Number 42, November 1989. 15 pages.
Introducing IC (Revision of May 1989) | Editorial Notes | Not My Will But Thine | The Wets Have It | Of Governments and Gardens | The Logics of Life | The Higher the Fewer | Doing the Splits | We’re All Right Jack | Nothing Sacred | Quality and Quantity | Let My People Know | Food For Nightmares | Scientifitricks | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party.

Second Chance in Education: An Interdisciplinary and International Perspective.
Dan E. Inbar, Editor. London: Falmer Press, 1990.
(1) Photocopy, pages 1-33. (2) Photocopy, pages 19-37, misc pages only. Includes “From the Absence of Any Chance to Unlimited Opportunities: The Concept of ‘Second Chance’ Viewed Ideologically” by Prof. Zvi Lamm.

Boxes in Attic. Uncredited, January 1990.
A list (likely by George Walford) of the contents of “Box A” including the corrected typescript of The Domain of Ideologies, unpublished manuscripts, pamphlets and letters of the Social Science Association and more.

Ideological Commentary. Number 43, January 1990. 14 pages.
Introducing IC (Revision of January 1990) | Editorial Notes | Signs and Indications | The Message Spreads | Educational Development | The Ideology of the Trade Union Movement | Cui Bono? | Secret Science | Were Noblemen Clean? | Primitive Mentality | Beside Status and Contract | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party.

Ideological Commentary. Number 44, March 1990. 18 pages.
Introducing IC (Revision of January 1990) | Editorial Notes | Naughty Children | Revolution | Domination | Persistence | NIAT | Chickenhouses? | Not Finished Yet | Thinking About Knowledge | Freedom | Essentially Contested Concepts | Letters to the Editor | Doing the Splits | The Eternal Child | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party | A Missing of Minds | Subscriptions.

Ideological Commentary. Number 45, May 1990. 16 pages.
Introducing IC (Revision of January 1990) | Editorial Notes | Three Ages of Ecology | Letters to the Editor by Jim Addison and Donald Rooum | Anarchist Extracts | Greedom? | Who Does Own the Means of Production?  by Erik Grigg

Ideological Commentary. Number 46, July 1990. 16 pages.
Introducing IC (Revision of January 1990) | Editorial Notes | The Reason Why | Feminists | Takeovers | On Defining Socialism | Doing the Splits | Precision | Freedom | Intellectuals | Doctor | Police | Laws | Graduated | The Artist of Kouroo | Anarchism | NOOMP | Breakaway! | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party.

Self & Society. Brian Rainbow. 7 August 1990. Manuscript, one page. A review of Beyond Politics “to appear in Self & Society.”

Ideological Commentary. Number 47, September 1990. 16 pages.
Introducing IC (Revision of January 1990) | Editorial Notes | A Wooden World | Doing the Splits | Freedom | Tightening the Nuts | Gnostics As Anarchists of Old by Peter Cadogan | The Two-Sided Anarchist | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party Merseyside Respond.

Beyond Politics. George Walford.
(1) Manuscript, 78 pages. Original title “Systematic Ideology: A Study of the Structure, Origin and Evolution of Ideologies.” Attributed to “Systemide Press.” (2) Advanced Reader Copy. Produced in a small amount, never sold, believed to be mostly destroyed after corrections were made for the first edition. (3) First Edition. London: Calabria Press [1 September] 1990. Book, cloth in jacket, 155 pages. Hardcover, ISBN 0-950-5445-5-8; Paperback, ISBN 0-950-5445-6-6. (4) Synopsis. First published at

Ideological Commentary. Number 48, November 1990. 15 pages.
Introducing IC (Revision of January 1990) | Editorial Notes | Precision, Political & Religious | What Are Wages? | A Prize For the Prince | What’s Wrong With S.I.? | Famine | Review of Beyond Politics by DR | Evolution of Spirit | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party Merseyside Respond (II).

Angles on Anarchism
. George Walford, with a contribution from Peter Cadogan. London: Calabria Press, 1991. ISBN 0-9505445-7-4. Book, sixty-six pages.

Ideological Commentary. Number 49, January 1991. 15 pages. “13th Year.”
Introducing IC (Revision of January 1990) | Editorial Notes | Are There Classes? | Viable Societies Do It the Easy Way | Doing the Splits | Class Struggle? (Etc.) | Letters From the Editor | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party (Merseyside Respond, Pt. III) | Beyond Politics.

Ideological Commentary. Number 50, March 1991. 19 pages.
Introducing IC (Revision of January 1990) | Editorial Notes | What to Do Next by George Hay | From Hegel-San to NIAT | Beyond Ideology? by J. M. Alventosa Ferri | Canoes & Pesticides | Factsheet Five | Liberal Restrictions | Review of Beyond Politics by Charles Sprague | Review of Beyond Politics by John Rowan | Review of Beyond Politics by Ailsa Pain | Ideological Notes | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party | Beyond Politics.

Ideological Commentary. Number 51, May 1991. 20 pages.
Introducing IC (Revision of January 1990) | Editorial Notes | Indian Materialism by Brian Morris | We Predict the Future | Ideology In Education | The Iron Law | Beyond IC50 by Donald Rooum | Notes & Quotes | The Future of S.I. | Beyond Politics Review by Thelma Shinn | The Origin of Socialism | Letters to the Editor by Nicholas Walter and Peter Cadogan | Taxes On KnowledgeDoing the Splits | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party | Beyond Politics.

DEMOS. George Walford. Manuscript, photocopy, 12 pages.
“Started 19 July 91.” “The title of this book has a history. Harold Walsby, founder of systematic ideology and my guru (unless “alma pater” be permissible no more suitable term comes to mind) intended to follow his one book, The Domain of Ideologies, with a more thorough and extensive work: The Demos. He did not produce it, and as far as I ever knew he did not start on it. Had he done as he intended there would remain, I do not doubt, no room for my own effort.”

Ideological Commentary. Number 52, Summer 1991. 23 pages.
Introducing IC (Revision of January 1990) | Editorial Notes | Nested Levels by Adrian Williams | After Kipling | The Two Freedoms | Correspondence by Nicholas Walter and George Walford | Not Stalin Alone | Wildcat! by Donald Rooum | Why Weapons? | Ideology In Practice | The Construction of Reality | Trousers Versus Breeches | Power to the People | Anarchy Now! | Conspiracy Collapses | Reason – Friend Or Enemy? | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party | Beyond Politics.

Ideological Commentary. Number 53, Autumn 1991. 26 pages.
Introducing IC (Revision of January 1990) | Editorial Notes | What’s Wrong With S.I.? | Not Even by Force | Looking Back | Ideology In the Reviews | Seeing Things As We Really Are | Review of Beyond Politics by George Hay | Review of Beyond Politics by The Scientific and Medical Newsletter | The Red and the Green (Spanner No. 3) | Surveying the Surveyors | Letters from Donald Rooum and Ernie Crosswell | Colonial Ideology | Working-Class Poverty | The Birth of the Gods | Red and Black | Are They Not Anarchists? (The (A-) SPGB) | Ideological Notes | Angles on Anarchism | Beyond Politics.

Achilles Heel. Number 12, Autumn 1991. Sheffield: Changing Men Publishing Collective. Periodical, forty-three pages. John Rowan is credited in the co-creation of “The Radical Men’s Magazine.”

Ideological Commentary. Number 54, Winter 1991. 20 pages.
Meet Systematic Ideology (Revision of November 1991) | Editorial Notes | Ideology in the Reviews | We’ve Had the Revolution | Review of Beyond Politics by Julia Stapleton | Review of Angles on Anarchism from Freedom | GAIA | What Will Do It? | Doing the Splits | Class War (with Adrian Williams) | Small is Unsuccessful | Steam Engine Time | Government Supports Pushers | Ideology of Everyday Life | How Wrong Can You Get? | Military Martyrs | Contradictions | Evidence | Down to Basics | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party | In Harmony with Nature | Distinction | Perfect Nonsense.

Ideological Commentary
. Number 55, Spring 1992. 28 pages. “14th Year.”
Meet Systematic Ideology (Revision of January 1992) | Editorial Notes | S.I. and Post-Modernism by Diana Keller | The Free Marketeers | Ideology In the Reviews | Standing Marx on His Head | The First Big Step | Discovering Ideology | William Morris | Letters by Dan Wilson, Donald Rooum, S. E. Parker | The Road to Braziers | Doing the Splits | Of Warre and Peace and Hinges | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Parties | Anarchism | Beyond Politics | Angles On Anarchism.

Ideological Commentary. Number 56, May 1992. 28 pages.
The Ideological Pyramid | Editorial Notes | Ideology In the Reviews | Protest Begins | The Managers | Review: Beyond Politics, Angles On Anarchism by Lev Chernyi | Repudiation | Happy Families | Women Are People | Anarchists | Systematic Ideology | Doing the Splits | Maintaining Society | Domination | Three Ages of Ecology | Steam Engine Time | What’s Wrong With S.I.? | The First Step | NIAT | Metaphysics of Modern Science | Freedom to Oppress | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Parties | Work! Who Needs It? | Reality Over Rule.

Ideological Commentary. Number 57, August 1992. 28 pages.
The Ideological Pyramid | Editorial | Notes and Quotes | Science In Its Place | How It | Began | Ideology In the Reviews | The Market In Ideology | Letters | The Enduring Base | The Lower Criticism | The Value of Tradition | Take Your Choice | Beyond Science | Poverty Advances | The Inverse Ratio | Abolish Capitalism? | Greens Under Beds | How to Do It? | Ideology Afloat | Endurance | Christian Corner | Cooperative Struggle | Anarchists Don’t Matter | From A Reply to A Reply | Black Definitions | What’s A Dumpster? | Oughtism | How Say You? | Back to Work | Publications On Systematic Ideology.

Ideological Commentary. Number 58, November 1992. 28 pages.
Editorial | Notes & Quotes | Napoleonics of Marxism | Forward to Nature | The Other Market | Ideology In Israeli Education by Diana Keller | The Green & the Blue | Anarchist Studies | Two Reviews by Adrian Williams | Global Warming | Doing the Splits | The Champions of Validity | State Anarchism | How Ethnologicians Think | Labour | The Ideology of Material | Letters by S.E. Parker, Donald Rooum, Nicholas Albery, Adrian Williams, Joe Wright, John Murrell and Trevor Blake | Ideology in the Reviews.

Achilles Heel. Number 14, Winter 1992/1993. London: Achilles Heel Collective. Periodical, 43 pages.
John Rowan is credited in the co-creation of “The Radical Men’s Magazine.”

Ideological Commentary
. Number 59, February 1993. 28 pages. “15th Year.”
Editorial | Notes & Quotes | Patterns of Faith | What’s Wrong With S.I.? | Togetherness | Letters by Alan Bula, Donald Rooum, John Rowan and Bob Black | Modesty | Freedom From Truth | Review of Beyond Politics by Ken Smith | Review of What is Anarchism? | Doing the Splits | Guess the Date | Navigation | Marxists | The Power of the Helpless | Ideology In the Reviews | Domination | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Parties.

Ideological Commentary. Number 60, May 1993. 28 pages.
Editorial | Notes & Quotes | The Gods of Buddhism | Before That Hand | Creative Argument | Mises, Marx and Markets | Sexual Ideology | The Rational Effort | Riot Against Revolution | Doing the Splits | Eastern Ideology | Notes On Science | Letters by Isaac Barr, S. E. Parker, Donald Rooum and George Walford | Democracy | Lets | Review of Beyond Politics by Jonathan Simcock | Ideology In the Reviews | Categories by Russ Shurig | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party.

Ideological Commentary subscription form. Announcement of price increase beginning August 1993.

Ideological Commentary. Number 61, August 1993. 24 pages.
Editorial | Notes & Quotes | Ideology In Theory | Ideology In Practice | A Dumpster Review by Wendy S. Duke | The Matter With the Word | Freedom In Freedom | Letters by George Walford, Cliff Ashcroft and Alan Bula | Poverty | Expediency | Ideology In the Reviews | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party.

Ideological Commentary. Number 62, November 1993. 28 pages.
Editorial | Notes & Quotes | Science & Utopia by Harold Walsby | The Corporation Hunter | Ideology In Anthropology | History In Brief | Planning Against Disaster | Why It Sells | Shoot ‘Em! | A Falling God | Hegel the Anarchist | The Logic of Logics | NIAT | Repression In Ideology | Liveried Lackies | Ideology In the Reviews | Persistence | Beyond Mathematics | Miscellanea | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party.

Achilles Heel. Number 16, Winter 1993/1994. London: Achilles Heel Collective. Periodical, 43 pages.
John Rowan is credited in the co-creation of “The Radical Men’s Magazine.” This issue includes a review by Rowan of Masculinities magazine.

The Raven: Anarchist Quarterly 25. Includes Through Religion to Anarchism by George Walford.

The Institute for Social Inventions. [1994] Handbill, one page.
“The Institute’s aim is to promote social inventions.”

Ideological Commentary. Number 63, February 1994. 32 pages. “16th Year.”
Editorial | Notes & Quotes | The Progress of Conservatism | Control Against Ownership | Whiteway | Free to Or From What? | Confirmations | Cloak and Dagger | That Level Playing Field | Shotguns In Eden | Conduct At the Level of the Ideology of Ideologies by John Rowan | How to Make A Whale | Hegelian Children | Doing the Splits | Ideology In the Reviews | Primitive Private Enterprise | On Not Biting Dogs | NIAT | What Religion Does For Freethinking | NIAT and MetaNIAT by George Walford, Eric Stockton and Jim Addison | Miscellanea | The (Anarcho-) Socialist Party.

Announcement of World-Shaking Importance. George Walford. Circular, one page, March 1994.
Announcement that publication of Ideological Commentary will be less frequent. “Walsby’s book has long been out of print, Beyond Politics is nearly sold out, and in any case another general statement is now needed, to take in recent developments.”

Ideological Commentary. Number 64, June 1994. (1) 32 pages.
Meet Systematic Ideology | Editorial | Notes & Quotes | The Future of Fundamentalism | Power and the People | Observations | Why Not Us Too? | Options | The Problem of Solutions | The Higher the Fewer | Wildcat Rides Again! | War Is Fun! | The Weakness of the Press | Against Nothing | Ought the Is to Be? | Marx Was Wrong | Base Over Tip | Battered Husbands | Doing the Splits | Did You See That? | NIAT | Criticise the Critics | Sciences.

For IC 65.
A collection of miscellany intended for a never-published Ideological Commentary 65.

George and Alison Walford Interviewed by David Goodmay. Manuscript, 39 pages, 10 July 1994.
Transcription of recordings made by Richenda Walford.

Obituary. The Walford family. 31 August 1994.
“It is with regret that we must inform you that there will be no more issues of IC. George Walford suffered a heart attack and passed away on Sunday 21 August.”

ABC of Systematic Ideology. Trevor Blake. October 1994. Manuscript, 20 pages.
The contents of this ‘inelegant introduction’ to systematic ideology were the foundation documents of

bloodLETTER. Number 5. Guy Fawks Day 1994. Periodical.
“This issue of the bloodLETTER is respectfully dedicated to the memory of two now absent friends: John Power, and George Walford. Good journeying, gentlemen.”

Report of Meeting to Discuss George Walford’s Work. Adrian Williams. Circular, two pages, 10 November 1994.
Report of a meeting of friends of George Walford that occurred on 27 September 1994.

About Ideology and the Science of Ideas. Guido Enthoven. Manuscript, two pages, October 1994.